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WoW Classic – Honor Display Issue, Patch 8.3 – Black Empire Campaign

WoW Classic – Honor Display Issue

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment

It would be nice to have a blue at least respond saying there is an issue…
I agree, but unfortunately we didn’t have the chance to respond sooner. We’ve been investigating, and can now confirm that yes, this is a separate issue, that’s not related to the caching issues we were experiencing previously. The caching issues made it more difficult to uncover this issue, and I appreciate the detailed reports of which kills were missing and over what time range which helped us track this down.

We’re getting pretty close to fixing this, and it turns out it was caused by the daily honor script running before the end of the day, causing it to miss kills that haven’t yet happened. But worry not! Those kills are still recorded, they just weren’t getting collected into the daily statistics correctly, so they’re not displaying in-game for “yesterday” or “this week” kills/honor. The source of the issue appears to be a scheduling system treating a UTC time as a local time, and we believe we’ve found and fixed that problem a few minutes ago.

We’re also working on a fix to repair the daily statistics which we’re hoping to run Monday, in advance of the weekly rank adjustment, so it will correctly count all your kills and honor correctly for this week.

I want to stress, that we do have all the kills recorded, even though you can’t see them all in-game, and we’re working hard to get the weekly statistics correct.

Thank you for your patience as we untangle this issue.

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Patch 8.3 PTR – Black Empire Campaign – Unlocking The Uldum Accord Faction and Uldum Assaults
The recent PTR updates have allowed us to preview a more coherent quest chain that kicks off the patch when you log in on patch day. This quest chain is labeled as “Black Empire Campaign” in the quest log. We will preview the quest chain in different parts throughout the week.

Part 1 – Unlocking The Uldum Accord Faction and Uldum Assaults

  • Upon logging in, you’ll receive the quest “An Unwelcome Advisor (A)” or “Return of the Black Prince (H)” from your faction and report to them. There is an “awesome in-game event cutscene” that is not yet implemented here. It would appear that N’Zoth’s corruption is already reaching its way into our minds and we must go with Magni and Wrathion to see what we can uncover.
  • Wrathion remarks that it was a pleasant reunion before telling you to meet him in Silithus. There are only a few faction differences in the chain. If you are Alliance, you attend the Stormwind meeting first hand. Magni requests for his hammer and gives you the quest “Return of the Warrior King.” You walk with Anduin to retrieve Fearbreaker, to which Anduin says he was never able to live up to its legacy, and even Baine thought himself unworthy to wield it. Magni says he wouldn’t have given it to Anduin if he didn’t think he deserved it, and Anduin remarks that the hammer belongs with a Mountain King. You find the hammer on the wall and retrieve it before heading back to the Chamber of Heart with the quest “Where the Heart Is.” If you are Horde, you find Valeera in the Port of Zandalar and she recalls these events for you.
  • When you arrive, Magni asks Wrathion if he has had any luck finding N’Zoth. Wrathion says his Blacktalon operatives have searched the world to no avail. He then remarks that in his research he came across references to a place called Ny’alotha and thinks it might not be a physical location, but a vision waiting to be made real. Magni suggests that get Azeroth’s titan-made defenses ready and then find a target to point it at. He gives you the quest “Network Diagnostics” and asks you to activate Titan Consoles in the chamber to check the status of the titan forges throughout Azeroth.
  • You find that Uldir’s corruption is within acceptable parameters, Uldaman’s discs are still secure, the Forge of Wills in Ulduar is still operational, but the Forge of Origination in Uldum is inactive. Wrathion says we can all safely assume what this “root cause” of the deactivation might be.
  • Magni gives you the quest “A Titanic Problem” and tells you to meet him outside the Halls of Origination in Uldum. Without the Forge, Azeroth is vulnerable to N’Zoth’s corruption.
  • You meet Magni at the entrance and get the quest “The Halls of Origination.” Magni says the Halls have been claimed by a group of tol’vir calling themselves the Amathet. He suggests we enter the Halls, defeat the Amathet forces and reactivate the forge.
  • You enter the dungeon and start a scenario, fighting your way through Amathet forces as one of their Sun Priests seems angered that you defile the Halls with the Curse of Flesh. You fight your way to the inner chambers and deactivate the forge’s defense system by shutting down 4 control statues. You then reach the elevator to find Watcher Aun-ka, who attacks you for being an unauthorized life form. Magni is concerned that the Amathet can make their own watchers, but suggests we worry about it later. He tries to activate the lift, but the power has been shut off, so we head to the conduits.
  • What follows is a puzzle to redirect power to the conduit. Once it is active, you fight Sun Prophet Tenhamen who ends up being a minion of N’Zoth in disguise. When you defeat him, N’zoth briefly enters your mind, stating that “their eyes remain closed to the true path. Not like you. My devoted chosen.” Magni brings you back to reality, and you head back to the lift.
  • Magni links to MOTHER in the Chamber of Heart, and you attempt to activate the power conduits, but you eventually need to use your Heart of Azeroth to interface with the main console to restore power and get another “awesome in-game event,” reactivating the forge. Magni gives you the quest “To Ramkahen” and tells you to meet with King Phaoris to discuss having his tol’vir keep the forge out of the wrong hands.
  • When you arrive, Arik Scorpidsting is requesting an audience with the King, but the High Commander forbids it. The king notices you, and allows you to speak, giving you the quest “The Uldum Accord” and says our interest to protect the forge aligns with the tol’vir. He asks you to learn about the threats facing Uldum. You inspect the map for another “awesome in-game event” and King Phaoris establishes the Uldum Accord composed of the Watsewanders, The Explorer’s League, and his tol’vir to protect Uldum.
  • The King gives you the quest “Surfacing Threats” and asks you to speak to the High Commander to assess the situation, which has you complete an assault in Uldum. The Uldum Accord faction reputation, Uldum Accord dailies, and assaults in Uldum will be unlock at this point.
  • Completing the assault gives you the quest “Forging Onward” which has you return to Magni in the Chamber of Heart. This will award you with the Token of Death’s Door essence.
  • Part two preview coming soon.