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WoWthing – Character & Collection Management Website

WoWthing – Character & Collection Management Website
Today we’re having a look at the fantastic character & collection management website WoWthing. It has robust account-wide tracking for everything that one might care about in-game. WoWthing can easily supplement or replace using resource-intensive addons or the need for multiple sources of information, making it a great one-stop-shop for managing all your character goals and activities.

If you have characters you don’t care about tracking, the settings allow you to hide them individually, or you can broadly filter by server, faction, or class.

To get started, download and install the WoWthing Collection Addon to gather the necessary data from your characters.

  • Register or log in on WoWthing with Battle.Net
  • Install the addon and log your main characters
  • Go to to upload the addon data
  • Refresh the page and start browsing your collection!

If you like the site, consider supporting it with a Coffee! And if you’re actively working on your collections, the WoWthing Sync client can save a lot of time and effort! More info about the client can be found on the Upload Data page.